Spiceologist Block - Pick Your Own Spices™

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Knife block meets spice rack in this beautiful European Beech block which holds 22 glass vials of fresh spices.  Beautify your kitchen in one easy step!  It's not only gorgeous, but it will help you be creative in the kitchen by keeping your most used spices close at hand.  Each cork is hand stamped and every tube is hand filled.  We love you that much!  Now have fun and PICK 22 Spices.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for processing.

NOTE:  Spiceologist Blocks are a handcrafted item and no two are exactly alike.  Each tube is hand filled and each cork is hand stamped, and no two will be exactly alike.  Handcrafted items may have small blemishes or imperfections and it only adds to the beauty of the item.

- Handcrafted European Beech wood
- Every block is unique, no 2 are alike
- Holds 22 or 44 spice tubes
- Tubes and corks are hand filled and hand stamped
- Each tube holds approximately 1/8 cup of spice

Starter: 6.75" W - 4.5" D - 8" H