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Spicy Bloody Mary with Candied Bacon

March 02, 2015

Every, and I do mean every, Sunday should start with this glass of deliciousness.  There's really not even a reason to eat anything with it, as the garnishes can be anything imaginable.  I've even seen Bloody Mary's where mini hamburgers have been perched on skewers.  I'm not suggesting that you add burgers or whole fried chickens to your Bloody, but if you're feeling so inclined, just remember to invite me over.   For our version of the Bloody Mary we, of course, used bacon.  Not just any bacon, but Spicy Candied Bacon!   Yes really!  It's so easy to do when you use our Smoky Honey Habanero rub.   Just sprinkle on Smoky Honey Habanero spice rub and bake it for 15-20 minutes... Continue Reading →


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