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Greek Freak Quick Bread

November 04, 2014

Rubs are for grilling.  Rubs are for smoking.  Rubs are also for bread baking.  It's true!  With our super versatile blends, the sky is the limit on your culinary creativity.  Take this Greek Freak Quick Bread recipe.  Just a few ingredients and a hot oven and you're eating delicious bread in no time at all.   Other uses for Greek Freak include: Use to make marinara sauce with crushed tomatoes and tomato paste - 3 ingredients!  Roll a pork tenderloin in Greek Freak and grill or bake.  Top with crumbled feta cheese and fresh chopped oregano - Delicioso! Sprinkle into Minestrone soup.  Skip chopping tons of herbs and just unscrew the jar and sprinkle some in.  Easy!! Coat a steak in... Continue Reading →


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